BAR Activities

In addition to a monthly general membership meeting (see calendar for dates) during which we share our work, interesting books and materials, and ideas, the Book Arts Roundtable offers its members -


Book swaps happen twice a year, and are a chance to share your work and begin to develop a collection of handmade books.

The only rule is that the books must have content of some kind and fit in a brown lunch bag. It’s a 1 for 1 swap – you bring one and you take one; you bring 2 books and you go home with 2. 

Needless to say, book swaps have become very popular BAR meetings.


This BAR activity is called a Collaborative because members all work together on the same project and share the results with other participating members. 

That is, each member makes as many copies of their own page as there are participants and then, at the October meeting, everyone who was part of the Collaborative gets a whole set of everyone’s pages. 

The theme for the collaborative is announced in January and the results are presented and distributed at the September meeting of that year.

An Abecedarian deck of cards
using nature as its theme.

The Calendar of Great Events was a collaborative project of the Content Group.  The events commemorated were all imaginary.


The Content Group began with members interested in exploring the content of books and ways of developing content effectively. 

They work with text, as well as with art and structures. It is open to anyone who likes to write or quote or tell stories. 

The Content Group often has its own projects going, which have included a calendar of events that never happened, a boxed set of books on Mythic Beasts and Imaginary Animals, and a series of ‘zines. 

Members create Content Group projects and offer min-workshops to attendees.  It’s also perfectly fine to come and just to visit.
See the Calendar page for dates.


Twice a year, spring and fall, BAR offers workshops led by well-known artists, who are not BAR members but are known by – and recommended by – BAR members.  These workshops require registration and a fee to cover the cost of materials and of hiring the presenter.  Members receive notice of the date, time, and place, along with any instructions, and are invited to register. Space is usually limited to 10-12 participants.

The activities listed above are open to members of the BAR only, though guests and visitors are welcome at both General Membership and Content Group Meetings.
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