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What is a Drop-in?  A drop-in is an activity that requires no pre-paid registration. It is suggested that you let us know if you plan to attend so that the instructor has enough hand outs and supplies on hand for you.  Sometimes life is so hectic you can’t plan too far ahead.

A drop-in allows you the flexibility to attend without too much advanced planning.  Sometimes supplies are required, sometimes they are supplied.  It’s a relaxed learning atmosphere where in a short period of time you can experience a new activity. It is expected that participants have the knowledge of basic bookbinding skills: cutting board, covering boards,
finding grain and simple sewing.


BAR swaps happen twice a year, May and November.  This is a chance to share your work and begin to develop a collection of handmade books. The only rule is that the books must have content of some kind, and fit in a brown lunch bag. It’s a 2 for 2 swap, you make 2 books and you go home with 2 new books created by BAR members. Needless to say, our swaps have become a popular BAR meeting.


This BAR activity is called a Collaborative because members all work together on the same project and share the results with other participating members.
The theme for the collaborative is announced in January and the results are presented and distributed at the September meeting of that year.

An Abecedarian deck of cards
using nature as its theme.


The Content Group first started out as a group dedicated to exploring the content of a book and how to effectively develop it.  To help in that goal, the Penny Dreadful was born, a wonderful theme driven zine, with each person involved contributing a page to the issue. 

After the PD ran its course, the format has changed, but the exploration of content has continued.  The Content Group meets monthly, the Wednesday before the BAR meeting.


This is a group open to all BAR members and meets periodically on a Wednesday morning from 10:00 – 2:00 in the Loft. Bring any project you are working on at the time for feedback and ideas, or just come to work and talk in the company of like-minded artists. 
Check the calendar for dates.

The events listed above are open to members of the BAR only.

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