Letter by Letter, Stitch by Stitch:
From basics to embroidered narratives

Instructor: Iviva Olenick

April 23 and April 30, 2016   10:00 – 3:00

Fee: $120 

Two Saturdays with fiber artist Iviva Olenick.

Learn a vocabulary of basic to more complex stitches. Apply these in varying combinations to render your name, and longer, more ornate phrases, or to create banner-like, decorative text.

Through the process, explore text as art, and stitching as a form of linear drawing.

Become familiar with unconventional techniques and applications, including ways to transfer words and/or images onto fabric (rather than freehand stitching), and interpreting images as stitched drawings—either linear or more robust.

Potential additional activities depending on time and student interests: appliqué and fabric collage; fabric markers and paints; 3D fabric book covers.

Students must bring to class:

·         Some text to render in stitch, and/or a copy of an image to interpret through embroidery.

·         Embroidery hoop – Iviva will bring a few for those who need it.

·         Cotton muslin fabric.1 yard should be more than enough.

·         Embroidery thread – we will have some on hand to share, but please bring your own if you have any.

·         Needles - Note: I sometimes use tapestry needles as the tips are blunter and I'm less likely to prick myself. In general, eye of needles should be big enough to thread preferred threads.

·        Iviva recommends that everyone buy a water soluble fabric marker. The brands she most often finds are Clover or Dritz.

To find out more about Iviva go to: www.ivivaolenick,com