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Instructor: Barbara Mauriello

Date: March 29, 2014

Place:  the Loft at the Baird, South Orange NJ

Time: 10:00 – 4:00

Fee:  $66

We’ll be sewing a multi-section book attached to a hardbound case. In bookbinding terminology, a “case” refers to a book cover that is constructed separately from the book itself. (Most commercially produced books are, in fact, case bindings.) Since this particular model requires no special bookbinding equipment, such as metal-edged boards and a book press, it is well adapted to the home studio. Participants will choose to make either a full-cloth cover, or a combination cloth/decorative paper cover; a label, or other artwork, may be imbedded in the front board. The sewing structure -- a simple pamphlet stitch -- yields a slightly wedge-shaped profile: a thicker spine than fore-edge. This is compensation for any additional thicknesses added to the book pages, by layering with photos or other artwork. Bring prepared sections with you (5 is a good number); chunky rather than slender sections work best for this model. Please keep the dimensions of your sections under 9”. The rest of the materials -- boards, cloth, lining papers -- will be prepared in the workshop.

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