Barbara Mauriello

March 19 and 20
10:00 – 4:00

Fee: $140
Materials fee to be paid to teacher: $10

Max # students: 12

The clamshell box is the most protective container for books, photos, prints, or any fragile materials. It consists of two 3-walled trays, mounted on a case. Precise cutting and ample pressing time ensure its success.

In this 2-day workshop we’ll start by constructing one small box from my pre-cut materials. This lovely box will become your teaching model. You will learn how to measure an object and cut the boards and cloth, and how to construct and cover trays and build a case.  

Participants will bring an object to be boxed to the class. Please keep it relatively small (9” max. in either height or width) since larger boxes require more space than is available, and are more awkward for first-time box makers to produce. 

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